Pretentious Unicorn

Hello, I am Arthurus. I am a unicorn.
I enjoy reading on rainy days while intermittently taking sips of black coffee. My favorite authors include Vonnegut and Oscar Wilde. I love philosophy (especially existentialism). I like people who can differentiate between your and you're.

Hello there,

My name is John, but no one calls me that anymore; I go by the name Arthurus now. I am a Unicorn, but I often try not to let that be known in the public eye due to the massive amount of attention others give me because of that fact. My hobbies include programming (I prefer python over other language due to its versatility and such), philosophy (I have existential angst), great literature ( I have read half of Infinite Jest; i stopped due to class overload, but I will start it back up soon), and classical music (Beethoven is a genius).  As a kid, I was considered quite intelligent for my age. I read Tolstoy in the third grade and I understood it while the other kids were racking their pathetic brains with Dr. Seuss. I don’t understand people these days. They just watch Jersey Shore and other rubbish while I am constantly reading great literature such as Oscar Wilde and Vonnegut. What is wrong with this generation? I have to go for now. Ciao.