Pretentious Unicorn

Hello, I am Arthurus. I am a unicorn.
I enjoy reading on rainy days while intermittently taking sips of black coffee. My favorite authors include Vonnegut and Oscar Wilde. I love philosophy (especially existentialism). I like people who can differentiate between your and you're.

Existentialist Crisis

Unlike the rest of the world, I actually think about my life and where I am going. I’m an adamant atheist, yet I still ponder the question , “What’s next?” I read some excerpts of Satre and Camus’ “The Stranger” and that really had me thinking that life is truly meaningless and I need to make meaning.  Meaning isn’t attached to life; we as humans attach meanings to life our self.  I wonder why most people don’t think about this; they blindly attach themselves to this ideal after life vision which is complete rubbish in my eyes. I read ‘The God Delusion’ thus religion fails.